All the brands under the Flair Industries banner are distinct, innovative. They are aimed at different market segments and have all been through an exciting regeneration stage over the past few years.

All our suits are made predominantly from Australian merino wool. The fabric designs are ranged specifically for our market and woven to guarantee comfort, performance and durability, as well as follow trends in colour and texture.


The Flair brand continues to remain a powerful name in men's suiting. It appeals to a broad target market and is for the man who is fashion aware but not a slave to fashion. Flair is a fashionable and mainstream label, available at an affordable price. The Flair Fit is a modern classic block, with various options in fabrics, styles & sizing.


FORME by Flair makes buying a suit easy, this mix & match program offers not only guaranteed quality & style, but also the flexibility of  allowing you to construct your own perfect fitting suit, without costly alterations. Being able to mix and match jacket & trousers, helps it fit more body shapes than the standard two-piece suit, and also gives you the opportunity to purchase extra trousers to prolong the life of the suit.



F2 is a fashion forward men's suiting brand, appealing to the urban male who likes to be on trend and has a 'young' mindset. The brand is contemporary in design and made of premium quality yarns, offered at a medium price. F2 Suits are stylish and comfortable, perfect for the corporate world or that special event. The F2 guy is quirky; he is an individual, who likes to think of himself as one of a kind.