Ted Baker London

Ted Baker started as a shirt specialist in the vibrant city of Glasgow some 20 years ago. The brand has grown into an established designer label. The focus is strongly on quality, attention to detail and Ted’s quirky sense of humour that everyone seems to relate to.

In the early days Ted use to offer a laundry service for every shirt bought, but the brand is too big to do this now.

Such elements of the brand personality now lie at the heart of everything that the company does and have earned Ted Baker the title of “No Ordinary Designer Label” a very pleasing moniker!

The brand has remained unique in a sense that everything produced under the Ted Baker name has Ted’s personality woven into its very heart. Every shirt, dress, suit, down to the buttons that keep them together are designed with the same standards. The smallest of details are very highly considered in order to make the customer feel special.

One of the suits, for example, was designed for the ultimate wedding; it comes with a camera, a handy hints for speeches booklet and a packet of confetti... The suit that won’t let you down, even if the brides does’ – according to Ted.

Ted Baker is not just a brand, but also a way of life and attracts those who admire its inherent design quality and sense of humour, regardless of their age.

Ted Baker is one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK.

Its collections have expanded rapidly since its beginnings as a menswear brand in Glasgow in 1987.

Today Ted Baker offers a wide range of collections including: Menswear, Womenswear, Global, Endurance, Accessories, Teddy Boy, Teddy Girl, Teddy Baby, Fragrance, Skinwear, Footwear, Eyewear and Watches.

Ted Baker has a portfolio of stores in the UK and USA and is also present in leading department stores. Ted Baker continues it's global expansion with the opening of stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dubai, Melbourne and Sydney. It latest store in Auckland, New Zealand opened on the 11 th August, 2011.